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Renowned Naturopathic Doctor and Father of Liquid Mineral To Be Honored at the 3rd G.O.D. Awards at the United Nations



Author and narrator of the country's most famous audiocassette, Dead Doctor's Don't Lie, approximately 40 million have been distributed since 1994, Dr. Joel Wallach is simply a man with a mission.

Born and raised in Missouri, Dr. Joel D. Wallach attended the University of Missouri, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Science of Agriculture. A veterinarian for 30 years, he worked as a research veterinary pathologist with The National Institute of Health for The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri; and Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory University. Having discovered and identified the first animal models for cystic fibrosis - monkeys - he found that he could reproduce their condition at will because it was a nutritional deficiency. His find offered great promise for children with the disease, but when he made it public, the institute fired him on a 24-hour notice. Chagrined and perplexed, Dr. Wallach made the decision to go to medical school so he could treat children for cystic fibrosis himself.

He later accepted an invitation to teach nutrition at The National College of , Naturopathic Medicine in Oregon, and eventually became a primary care physician with a Naturopathic Degree - delivering babies, sewing up chainsaw wounds, writing prescriptions and getting paid by insurance - all through a program that encouraged interest in nutrition. Soon people began flocking to his clinics in Oregon.

During the late 80's and early 90's, through further education and work experience, Dr. Wallach became committed to educating as many people as he could about the importance minerals were to the human body. He started writing his now famous book, "Let's Play Doctor," soon followed by "Forbidden Cures," and he began network marketing for a company that sold colloidal minerals. Soon there were thousands of people waiting to hear Dr. Wallach lecture about nutrition and supplementation, and even millions more who purchased his books, videos and audiocassettes.

In 1997, Dr. Wallach established his very own company, American Longevity, in sunny San Diego, California. Dr. Wallach's dream of offering a full service Network Marketing Company for the New Millennium with the very best nutritional, household and skin care products finally became a reality. He then went further and made sure that his company would be a "distributor friendly" organization with a strong support staff, well-built infrastructure and a debt-free balance sheet - all of which guaranteed potential network marketers that American Longevity was here to stay.

Today, Dr. Wallach continues with his mission to educate every single American and others abroad about the importance of supplementation. He presents his powerful series 300+ days each year and without fail, broadcasts his widely popular syndicated radio program "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" each afternoon - live - wherever he may be.

Dr. Wallach has built his reputation on cutting-edge nutrition products, his commitment to all network marketers being able to earn a residual income for life, and to making American Longevity a family legacy for everyone - not just another corporate profit machine!

Educational Background

· Born and raised in St. Louis County, Missouri

· 1962 BS in Agriculture from University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

· Major in Animal Husbandry (Nutrition) and Minor in Field Crops and Soil

· 1964 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

· 1966-68 Post Doctoral Fellowship - comparative medicine/ pathology - Washington University

· 1982 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon

Work Experience

· 1965: Governments of Zimbabwe and South Africa *Worked on rhino and elephant capture and marking conservation programs *Performed autopsies on culled and poached animals

· 1966-68: Consulted with, worked for, and performed autopsies at: *The National Science Foundation (in assistance with the creation of the 1968 Animal Welfare Act) *The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland *The University of Chicago *The University of Missouri *The Center for Biology of Natural Systems, Washington University Worked with Barry Commoner

· 1966-68: *The University of Tennessee *Iowa State University

· 1966-78: Consulted with, worked for, and performed autopsies at the following zoos: *San Diego, California *Los Angeles, California *Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park, Brookfield 8s The John G. Shedd Aquarium) *New York, New York *Washington, D.C. (National) *Detroit, Michigan *Memphis, Tennessee (Overton Park) *St. Louis, Missouri, worked with Marlin Perkins *Jacksonville, Florida *The Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center, Atlanta, Georgia

· 1982-87 Primary Care Physician for the following clinics simultaneously: *Portland, Oregon *St. Johns, Oregon *Cannon Beach, Oregon

· 1988-89 Nutritional consultant for "alternative care" hospitals in Mexico

· 1989 - Present Started network marketing company, Wellness Lifestyle, with Dr. Ma Lan

· 1991-97 Soaring Eagle Ventures - Network Marketing Co., San Diego, CA *2nd largest stockholder *Educated and lectured about the importance of nutritional supplementation *Single largest distributor of nutritional products for SEV

· 1997 – Present KSCO Radio Host - Santa Cruz, California *Nationally syndicated broadcast of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" (Mon-Fri)

· 1997 - Present American Longevity - Network Marketing Co., San Diego, CA *Founder and creator of a network marketing company that sells nutritional, household and skin care products *Continues to educate and lecture about nutrition 300+ days per year

List of Published Books, Videos and Audiocassettes:

· 1978 Rhino Express Contributions include Josephine E. Wallach Published by Vantage Press

· 1983 Diseases of Exotic Animals Contributions include William J. Boever, DVM, W. B. Saunders Company, Medical and Surgical Management

· 1989 Let's Play Doctor Co-authored by Dr. Ma Lan, MD, MS Published by Double Happiness Publishing Co.

· 1993 Rare Earth's Forbidden Cures Co-authored by Dr. Ma Lan, MD, MS Published by Double Happiness Publishing Company

· 1994 "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Audio

· 1995 "Dead Doctors Don't Lie II" Audio

· 1996 "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" VHS Video Cassette

· 1999 Dead Doctors Don't Lie - The Book

· 2001 Let's Play Herbal Doctor - The Book

· 2002 God Bless America" Dr Wallach's Nutritional Health and Survival Epiphany - The Book

Dr. Wallach has also done vast biomedical research publications, 75 peer-reviewed articles and book contributions.

Special Awards:

· Recipient of the 1988 Wooster Beach Gold Medal Award for significant breakthrough in the basic understanding of the cause of pathophysiology of Cystic Fibrosis awarded by the Association of Eclectic Physicians.

· Recipient of the Klaus Schwarz Commemorative Medal. This prestigious award, sponsored by the International Association of Bioinorganic Scientists, Inc. (IABS), recognizes the work of pioneers in the field of trace element research and is named after Klaus Schwarz (1914-1978), a leading trace element researcher best known for his discovery of the essentiality of selenium.

Nobel Prize Nominee - Medicine - for his stunning discoveries in the use of trace minerals to prevent catastrophic disease in the newborn. Nomination by the Association of Eclectic Physicians (Chartered 1823).





ミズーリ州で生まれ育った博士ジョエルD.ウォラック氏は、農業の科学の学士号を取得ミズーリ大学に出席しました。 30年間の獣医師が、彼は自然のシステム、ミズーリ州セントルイスのワシントン大学の生物学センターの国立衛生研究所との研究獣医病理学者として働いていました。エモリー大学、ジョージア州アトランタでヤーキス地域霊長類研究センター、。発見され、嚢胞性線維症のための最初の動物モデルを同定した - サルは - 彼はそれが栄養不足だったので、彼は意志で自分の状態を再現することができることを見出しました。彼の発見は、疾患を持つ子供のための偉大な約束を提供するが、彼はそれが公開されたときに、同研究所では、24時間の通知に彼を解雇しました。悔しそうと困惑し、博士ウォラックは嚢胞が自分自身を線維症、彼は子供たちを治療できるよう、医療学校に行くことを決定しました。

彼は後にオレゴン州の自然療法医学、国立大学で栄養学を教えるための招待を受け入れ、最終的には自然療法の学位を持つプライマリケア医となった - 、赤ちゃんを配信チェーンソー傷を縫う、処方箋を書いて保険で支払いを受けて - すべてを栄養への関心を奨励するプログラム。やがて人々はオレゴン州の彼の診療所に群がって始めました。

80年代と90年代初頭年代後半の間に、さらに教育や仕事の経験を通して、博士ウォラックは重要鉱物について多くの人々彼ができたとしての教育にコミットとなった人間の体にありました。彼は「禁断の治療法「すぐに続いて "のは、医師、遊ぼう」、彼の今の有名な本を書き始め、彼はコロイド状ミネラルを販売会社のネットワークのマーケティングを開始しました。すぐに栄養やサプリメントについての博士ウォラックの講演を聞くために待っている何千人もの人々、そして彼の本、ビデオ、カセットテープを購入し、より百万ものがありました。

1997年には、博士ウォラックは晴れ、カリフォルニア州サンディエゴで、彼の非常に自身の会社、アメリカの長寿を設立しました。非常に最高の栄養、家庭用およびスキンケア製品と新千年紀のためのフルサービスのネットワークマーケティング会社の提供の博士ウォラックの夢がついに現実のものとなりました。彼はその後、さらに行って、彼の会社は、強力なサポートスタッフ、よく構築されたインフラと無借金のバランスシートと「販売代理店にやさしい」組織であることを確認しました - アメリカの長寿がここに滞在していた潜在的なネットワークのマーケティング担当者の保証のすべてが。

今日、博士ウォラックは補給の重要性について、海外ひとつひとつのアメリカ人と他の人を教育する彼の使命を継続します。彼は、毎年300以上の日、彼の強力なシリーズを提示し、必ず、各午後「デッド医師は嘘をつかない」彼の幅広い人気のシンジケートラジオ番組放送する - 彼がどこであってもよい - ライブを。

だけでなく、他の企業収益機 - ドクター·ウォラックは、すべてのネットワークのマーケティング担当者は、生活のために残りの収入を稼ぐことができることに彼のコミットメント、およびアメリカの長寿皆のための家族の遺産化に最先端の栄養製品の彼の評判を築いてきました!



·ミズーリ大学、コロンビア、ミズーリから農業で1962 BS



·1966から1968のポスト博士フェローシップ - 比較医学/病理 - ワシントン大学









·1989年 - 博士馬蘭スタートネットワークマーケティング会社、ウェルネスライフスタイルを提示

·1991年から1997年ソアリングイーグル·ベンチャーズ - ネットワークマーケティング(株)、サンディエゴ、カリフォルニア州* 2番目に大きな株主は*教育を受けたと栄養補給の重要性について講義* SEV用栄養製品の1件の最大の販売代理店

·1997年 - 現在KSCOラジオホスト - サンタクルーズ、カリフォルニア州*「デッド医師は嘘をつかない」の全国シンジケート放送(月〜金)

·1997年 - 現在アメリカの長寿 - ネットワークマーケティング(株)、サンディエゴ、カリフォルニア州*栄養販売しているネットワークマーケティング会社の創設者と作成者、家庭用およびスキンケア製品*教育を継続し、栄養に関する講義300+年間日


·1978年のRhino Expressの貢献はヴァンテージプレス発行ジョセフィンE.ウォラックを含みます






·1996 VHSビデオカセットの「デッド医師は嘘をつきません」

·1999年デッド医師嘘をつかない - ブック

·2001年のがハーブ医者を再生してみましょう - ブック

·2002神はアメリカ「博士ウォラックの栄養健康と生存エピファニーを祝福 - ブック





ノーベル賞ノミネート - 医学 - 新生児に致命的な病気を防ぐために、微量ミネラルの使用の彼の見事な発見のために。折衷医師の会(チャータード1823)によって指名。




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